The Tardis 4G-A Installation 📡⚡

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For a well optimised 4G-Advanced (4G-A) construction site broadband connection, your site / sales teams need our external antenna solution.

This type of installation is known as "omni-directional" which means this antenna has a 360 view of all the network masts across several miles. This installation can take up to three hours, subject to the number of WiFi Access Points (APs) required and whether any Video VoIP Phones are needed ☎️

This fully managed solution is good for 150 connected "things", such as laptops, printers and tablets.

We have many contractors benefitting from this omni-directional installation and clients regard this solution as "the best on the market" when compared to major network or very similar 4G providers.

Price includes the installation AND decommission of 1x 4G-A antenna, 1x wireless access point and 1x 8-port switch, which can be used to connect computers, laptops and printer.