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Optimise your construction site broadband connection with an external antenna solution, fully installed by a qualified 5G/4G engineer 📼

Tardis Express offers three types of install;

1/ Omni-directional: regardless of where an antenna is pointed, the antenna "sees" radio waves anywhere.

2/ Directional: the antenna will only "see" the mast it is pointing towards.

3/ Directional MIMO: only available for the Cradlepoint R1900 endpoint.


[1] Omni-directional means the antenna has a 360 view of all the network masts across several miles. This installation can take up to two hours, subject to the number of WiFi Access Points (WAPs) required and whether any VoIP phones are needed ☎️

[2] Directional antennas are installed looking directly at a cell tower. This installation takes longer, but the results are up 50% better, subject to location and available technologies on the mast.

[3] Directional 4x4 MIMO antennas are very similar as above, but this hardware provides 5G speeds. Willmott Dixon and Redrow, as an example, see an average download speed of over 250Mbps in sub-urban areas.


If you have another solution in place, no problem. Buy an installation from us to see the quality difference.